Do I have to have my own bike?

No we provide you with a bike to learn  

Do I have to wear special clothes?

No a pair of jog bottoms or leggins are good as long as they are narrow.  

Gloves are important and a short Jacket or warm clothing when its cold

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes for your safety,we can provide you with one though .

How long will it be before I can cycle

This varies it may take 1 or it may take more everyone is different, but hopefully by the 4th lesson,

Coming events

Frequently we have a LADIES ONLY , CYCLE RIDE coming under the banner of BREEZE. British cycling for women, http://letsride.co.uk . Here you will find all rides for both men and women,for more information and join our FREE


Currently we are training Ladies from the Team Phoenix foundation to ride 20miles, which will be part of a Tri they are doing in Sept.amms