Cycling lesson

Learn to ride a bike

Cycling Instructor in Gillingham, Chatham and other Medway Towns

Lunch time rides for staff!

Cycling improves mental well-being,it raises your heart rate and gets the blood pumping round your body. it’s among a selection of form of exerciserecommended by NHS .

Are you a business that has Employees?

Would you like to see more healthier staff? Would you like a lower rate of sickness in your employees? Higher staff retention?We are offering a lunch time 30 – 45 mins bike ride at a special price for employers of up to eight people .

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Private Tuition services

We run sessions for those who are yet unable to ride a bike. You may be among the many that never learned as a child, or you may have recently discovered a new desire to learn.

Our sessions are run by experienced instructors who will guide you step by step all the way; from getting on and off your bike, to making the bike go where you want, whilst continuously working to maintain your balance.

We also teach children who have not quite got the hang of cycling and would like to learn.

Don’t have a bike?

We have fold away bikes that have adjustable seat height and fixed handle bars that are upright, so the bike fits to your comfort.

Whether you have a child that is 4 or if your older its never too late to learn to ride, we will have you riding on your own, most of the time within  four lessons.

One to one Instruction in a safe environment to help you learn to ride and build up your confidence. All done at your own pace.

Lessons range from 45 mins to one hour, depending on the skills.

Delivered 6 days a week during daylight hours.